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A Letter from Sing To Your Baby® Creators Cathy & Marcy

Dear Mom, Dad, and Other Wonderful Folks Who Will be Singing to Your Baby,

As life-long singers, songwriters and musicians, we have seen the power of music in the lives of children and their parents. Having a new little one in the house is a time of joy and wonder. Parents want to do everything they can to bond with their newborn and to strengthen that bond as their baby grows. One of the best ways to create a mutual bond is to Sing To Your Baby®.

In thousands of family concerts over more than 25 years, we have heard parents say, "I wish I could have sung to my baby, but..." - and for one reason or another they didn't. So, we have designed a program for all parents, grandparents and others in a new baby's circle of loved ones. With our help, you can hold your baby and sing away - by singing along with the CD. Singing can be an elemental communication tool that will last for years to come by using music together for fun, developing new skills and as an ongoing expression of love.

As we experimented with the project, we found expectant parents who wanted to start singing to their baby in the womb. There were siblings who sang to the baby along with Mom or Dad. Some adorably sang to their baby dolls while a parent sang to the baby. There are so many ways to use the simple concept of songs sung from the heart (and sometimes from the ticklebone).

Share with grandparents, caregivers, aunts & uncles and god-parents. And most importantly, take your time, turning this into a daily activity. The rewards as you Sing To Your Baby® will last a lifetime.

Cathy & Marcy
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"Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer have, once again, enriched the world of children's music. Here, they begin at the beginning, expertly guiding new parents to sing to their infants as a way to lovingly connect and teach via song."
- Claire S. Green
President, Parents' Choice Foundation
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