• A new collection of playful, soothing songs for you to share with your baby
  • A CD with simple songs to learn, and a beautifully illustrated book of lyrics
  • Brought to you by Grammy® Award-winning artists Cathy & Marcy
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Every Day is Valentine's Day!
February 18, 2014
Every day is Valentine's Day for your baby! Sing a love song to your baby and listen to them sing, gurgle or giggle back! Suggested songs: I Love You Love Is What I Feel For You Wherever You Go (I Love You) To Listen to free samples click HER...
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Lovely review and story about the STYB iPad APP!
November 20, 2013
Thanks to Nicole Olea for her review and story about using the STYB iPad APP with a newborn, read more here: http://www.nicoleolea.com/singtoyourbaby/
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In thousands of family concerts over more than 25 years, we have heard parents say, "I wish I could have sung to my baby, but..." - and for one reason or another they didn't. So, we have designed a program for all parents, grandparents and others in a new baby's circle of loved ones. With our help, you can hold your baby and sing away - by singing along with the CD or the new iPad APP. Singing can be an elemental communication tool that will last for years to come by using music together for fun, developing new skills and as an ongoing expression of love.
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Pramotional Video             Artwork By James Nacito

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